Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Getting Autumnal on the Charles (River)


Sam: I wanna go outside!

Me: [groan]

Sam: Please?

Me: Ugh

Sam: I could just lift up my...

Me: Okay already!

Sam: I like our pumpkin!

Me: Move it, buster.

Sam: My shadow is so cool, it looks like another dog!

Me: You're so cute! Let's cross the street!

Sam: Let's go on the river path!

[runs and pulls at full grey speed]

Sam: Oh look, there's my favorite log to sniff!

Me: Oooh, do you see how pretty the river looks?

Sam: Yeah, this is great...but I want to go exploring!

Me: You're the boss!

Sam: HEY! Watch your step!

Me: What? Why? Ahhhhh!

Me: What is that??!?!?

Sam: It's just a caterpillar.

Me: My, what a big fuzzy thing...

Sam: Oh look!

Me: What now?

Me: I think the wind must have knocked it over or something.

Sam: Can we go back home now?

Me: Sure, let's take the stairs to the street.

Sam: [sigh] I don't like the asphalt walk home.

Me: Look on the bright side...your shadow is back...

Sam: Yes! Oh look, our pumpkin has a friend!

Me: Looks like it! I think someone deserves a treat!

Sam: I'm good with that.

This excursion was brought to you courtesy of:

My brandspanking new digital camera which I have named Betty. :)


Anonymous said...

Betty rocks!

Candi said...

Thanks to Betty for taking us on a walk too!! Sam is so cute. I love his shadow!! Lol! The walk you took is so pretty! I love the river and the leaves. I'm happy that it's still so sunny out there!! So beautiful!

I love the pics of you!!!!

Iowa Greyhound said...

I love the walking journal, it's beautiful there!

Emmy said...

Yeah for Betty :) I loved all the pictures. What a gorgeous walk you had. Thanks for sharing it with us.

wheresmymind said...

This was a great post to kick of a Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

Sam's so darn cute! What a nice Autumn adventure you had. I think I'm going to take Noble for a long hike today. Usually though it's me begging him to wake up and get off his bed!

laura jesser said...

I love the pictures.. thanks for sharing your walk. I'm glad Sam enjoyed it too!

aTxVegn said...

Nikki, Sam, and Betty - what a team! Aren't new toys fun?

You are so lucky to be able to walk in such a beautiful setting. The last time I went for a walk some goober a few blocks from my house said to me "Did yer truck break down or are you just one of my healthy neighbors?" Not near as pleasant as your walks!

bazu said...

Awww, cute cute, cute. And welcome, Betty!

Jennifer C. said...

Thanks for taking us along on your walk. Sam is so handsome...very photogenic. I wish there was a place near my house to walk the dog that wasn't paved over!

madeinalaska said...

well, aren't you clever! you are obviously having fun w/ your new toy! lucky girl, lucky sam!
great post! thanks for sharing. Ms. Betty has her work cut out for her huh?

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

Oh this is precious <3

Ruthie said...


SO CUTE. I am going to have to copy. I love my town, it is so beautiful. Too bad it's winter here and not fall... :) I'm so glad to live in a walker friendly area. In San Antonio I always felt like I got a great workout dodging cars and fearing rapist and murderers. (OK It wasn't that bad, but you get the point)


Anonymous said...

thanks Betty i enjoy the adventure, i almost feel there!

Kati said...

What a cute post - I love the conversation between you and Sam. Your pictures are very pretty (thanks Betty!) - isn't autumn great?