Wednesday, July 05, 2006

in medias res, or a review of an nyc eatery

josie's east, 565 third ave at 37th

i knew it was fate when i walked in. the space was funkily decorated, the staff was uber polite and all good looking, the a/c was cool without being frigid. we sat down at the table and were immediately presented with hunks of focaccia and a small bowl of something to dip in, butternut squashy-olive oily-spicy goodness. as i was wallowing in the splendour that was this goodness, abba was now being piped in through the speakers. fate, thy name is josie.

plenty of food for your vegetarian, your omni, and your pesce (i just go with the name because i dig it). the only word to describe it is yum. go forth and try it. have a mango lemonade. eat some squash. don't forget to try the funky bathrooms, only girls, i have to warn you--if you are over say 5 feet tall the 'regular' stall is really really small.

so good. i can't wait until i can return!