Monday, December 04, 2006

Back, and needing help!

I have had a busy and rough couple of weeks! I got a cold/throat thing while in Las Vegas, so my visit wasn't the greatest. I did get to spend some time with my mother and grandparents, so that was good. I was very disappointed with the restaurants I went to out there, with the exception of Chipotle, and really I just ate a lot of steamed greens and chickpeas most of the time I was there. I'm okay with that, it just got a little bland over time.

Food pics are coming, as I did do a little cooking while I was out there and after I came back.

I am now gearing up to cater a party for my dad's choir group. My father organizes a volunteer choir group that sings mostly religious/spiritual holiday music at various nursing homes in his area during the holiday season, and even organizes a special Christmas "Midnight" mass at a local Catholic nursing home on Christmas Eve. It's a great time for the members, and for the residents, and over the years my dad has even persuaded some nursing home residents to join his group. This party is typically semi-potluck, and usually my dad asks people to bring dessert to help me out. I don't think he knows how much I love to make desserts. I am going to keep the menu 90% vegan, and I was thinking of making a bunch of recipes from VwaV as they are fairly easy, always tasty and I feel that many of them could appeal to many of the older, unadventurous palates that I'll be feeding.

So my question to you you have any great fairly easy recipes that you think can totally rock a bland omni's world? Oh, and does anyone have a good vegetarian recipe for Swedish Meatballs?