Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kitchen impossible: Restaurant Coup

There's a restaurant in the Metro West area of suburban Boston that has quickly become one of my new favorites, much to the dismay of the pocket book ;) The whole concept of the restaurant is using local ingredients whenever possible and everything's organic. They are extremely veggie friendly, but do offer chicken and fish on the menu as well. They have great hummus, falafel, salads, pita, stirfries, the list goes on! They also have two of my newest food addictions: succotash and their vegetarian collard greens.

Their succotash is this melange of edamame, red peppers, onion, romaine and some little black things that I can't tell if they are some variety of lentil or sea vegetable. Oh. My. Gosh. Amazing does not begin to describe!

Their collards are nicely done, sweet and sour and VERY spicy. To be honest, I had never tried them before my first visit, but now I can't live without them!

Kitchen Mission: Recreate the goodness of this fantastic place!

To acheive the objective I obtained the following from the store:

1 bag frozen shelled edamame
2 red peppers
1 10 oz precut bag of romaine

Collard Greens
apple juice
one large bunch organic collard greens
red pepper flakes
apple cider vinegar

Recipe 1

Collard Greens

1 large bunch of collard greens
1 cup apple juice
1/8-1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
1-2 cloves garlic, minced
red pepper flakes (as much as you can handle)
a few splashes liquid smoke
1-2 tsp sugar or a scant little bit of stevia
water (if needed for cooking)

Wash and chop greens. Place in pot with liquids, spices and garlic. Cook covered on medium to high heat for at least 15-20 minutes. Add sugar/sweetener to taste.

Recipe 2


1 bag edamame (I believe the one I used was about 12 oz)
2 red peppers
1 10 oz bag chopped romaine or equivalent of fresh chopped romaine
4 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon flaxseed meal
splash of braggs
splash of rice vinegar

Mince garlic and steam fry in large pan with a little water. Chop peppers into bite size pieces and add to garlic. Add a little more water if needed. Add edamame and cook until edamame are thawed and 'al dente' and peppers are still a little crisp. Add romaine to pan and braggs, vinegar and flax meal. Cook until romaine is wilted.

To complete the meal I whipped up some hummus and made some green beans (just garlic and Earth Balance) and had a meal to be proud of at a fraction of the price.

It was *really* yummy! And I'm also very happy to report that it tasted just as good as the restaurant in question, just a little bit different...


wheresmymind said...

What's the name of the restaurant?? Your dish looks great!

Harmonia said...

I wish I lived nearby...we could "do lunch". Neat pictures...

Emmy said...

WTG on recreating one of your favorite restaurant meals at home. Looks tasty :)

Jennifer C. said...

Thanks for the great recipes. I've always used a succotash recipe from Emeril that was in Vegetarian Times about 15 years ago. I thinks it's time I tried a new one!

laura jesser said...

That sounds delish! Good on you for recreating it yourself!

KleoPatra said...

Way to go on that succotash melange there. That sounds SO good!! I totally want to try that but will have to enjoy your version since i'm nowhere near that veg-friendly restaurant. Thanks for posting your recipe there. Haven't delved into collard greens just yet...

aTxVegn said...

Your edamame dish looks fabulous! I seem to always eat them cold, so this will be a great new recipe for me to try.

Candi said...

I love trying to re-create a great restaurant dinner! Mine usually don't come out great though Lol! But yours....oooh! Looks so good! I don't know if I've ever had succotash; the name kind of threw me off I guess. The ingredients looks great though and I want to try it now!

Also, when I relocate to MA...I'm going to ALL the vegan restuarants there! (And will look for succotash on the menu!) :P

aTxVegn said...

Your dishes look fabulous! I can't wait to try the edamame.

Vicki said...

looks wonderful -- collards are in our regular rotation. we like to cook them in our rice cooker.

Anonymous said...

I've never eaten collard greens but i must say, your recipe looks really good. Way to go on re-creating your restaurant favs! I'll definitely add these to my "must try" list.

Urban Vegan said...

Succotash was my first love. *Sigh* Great stuff, here.

Harmonia said...

Hi! I replied to a bunch of your posts on v.o. Also, I replied to your PM. Let me know if you need any help with the ZOI. Can't wait to see you there!

Valentina said...

thank you for sharing the recipes so we can also try to make some of those great dishes sometimes we eat at restaurants!

Too Fond of Books said...

Those look delicious. I always have the grand idea of trying to recreate restaurant favorites at home, but it never quite happens.

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. Our retired racer arrive two weeks ago today, and we are in love. I'll definitely let you know if we have any questions!

Harmonia said...

You are one of my shout outs today! ;)

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