Monday, December 04, 2006

Back, and needing help!

I have had a busy and rough couple of weeks! I got a cold/throat thing while in Las Vegas, so my visit wasn't the greatest. I did get to spend some time with my mother and grandparents, so that was good. I was very disappointed with the restaurants I went to out there, with the exception of Chipotle, and really I just ate a lot of steamed greens and chickpeas most of the time I was there. I'm okay with that, it just got a little bland over time.

Food pics are coming, as I did do a little cooking while I was out there and after I came back.

I am now gearing up to cater a party for my dad's choir group. My father organizes a volunteer choir group that sings mostly religious/spiritual holiday music at various nursing homes in his area during the holiday season, and even organizes a special Christmas "Midnight" mass at a local Catholic nursing home on Christmas Eve. It's a great time for the members, and for the residents, and over the years my dad has even persuaded some nursing home residents to join his group. This party is typically semi-potluck, and usually my dad asks people to bring dessert to help me out. I don't think he knows how much I love to make desserts. I am going to keep the menu 90% vegan, and I was thinking of making a bunch of recipes from VwaV as they are fairly easy, always tasty and I feel that many of them could appeal to many of the older, unadventurous palates that I'll be feeding.

So my question to you you have any great fairly easy recipes that you think can totally rock a bland omni's world? Oh, and does anyone have a good vegetarian recipe for Swedish Meatballs?


bazu said...

Hi Nikki,
That sounds like such a nice and touching project! (BOth your dad's choir and your catering for the residents)

I was *really* happy with a meatball recipe I got from Shelly, that were a little sweet and sour (because she used fresh figs- I used dry figs and they were just as good) and you can serve them with a dipping sauce. They are not exactly like Swedish Meatballs, but you can make them pretty big! The recipe makes a bunch, and I'm assuming you can double/triple it pretty easily.

To find the link to Shelly's recipe, search "meatballs" on my blog. I think it was the first food round-up.

I'll keep your question in mind to see if I come up with more recipe ideas!

jess (of Get Sconed!) said...

I'm pretty sure that veganlunchbox had a swedish meatball recipe...

As for easy, amazing stuff - I am a fan of finger foods and pasta salads - potato skins, stuffed mushrooms, spring rolls, knishes..

aTxVegn said...

I do family catering too. I like to do these sorts of things: stuff tiny new potatoes, pattypan squash, cucumber cups, cherry tomatoes, celery, or endive leaves with "cheese" filling. Phyllo or wontons in mini muffin tins filled with mushroom or lentil pate, etc. Bruschetta, finger sandwiches, mini pizzas, falafels or veggie patties. Cornbread (polenta) cutouts topped with mashed black beans. I know, nothing here real novel - until you make an amazing filling or topping.

PS - I prefer bringing the desserts too!

Anonymous said...

Check out She just had a potluck and everything sounded so good. Also, check out who fed 40-50 people for under $50. I really want to try the stuffed grape leaves from Vegan Vice I have the recipe so let me know if you need it and I'll email it to you.

Anonymous said...

i think is a great idea to use lots of recipes from VwaV . vivacious vegan give you nice links but also she make some cupcakes in her blog that are very tasty, my omnis here love them!

wishing you the best!

Dori said...

I'm looking forward to reading about what you do decide to make. Bryanna has some awesome neat-balls that I have taken places... they are made with TVP. Personally I'm a fan of basic mashed potatoes and a good brown gravy. I recently made Dreena's mushroom gravy for Thanksgiving and I enjoyed it. Might freak a few non mushroom fans out, so a good brown one w/o them might be a nice option to.

A basic yeasted roll is often a nice option along with a favorite soup.... it is a chili time of year, that with some cornbread could be good also.

Now that I have made myself thouroughly hungry, I wish you a good time of cooking.

Anonymous said...

hmm...stuffed mushrooms, fresh or cooked spring rolls, baguette with anything on top, mini quiche, samosas, pumpernickle cut outs with cream cheeze as cucumber?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be interested in seeing what you come up with as I dabble in catering myself. I love hummus/pita chips myself and most omni's seem to love it. The vegan meatballs in the grape jelly/chili sauce go over great at potlucks too.

Gaia said...

Spring rolls ! Great Idea :)

I was thinking of bringing Dreena's Greek Basmati Rice to the potluck (with the roll and buns) but changed my mind at the last minute. I'm sure it would be great though. And it would go well with babaghanoush and dolmas.

springsandwells said...

From VwaV, the pumpkin muffins are ridiculously easy & delicious, as is the Pear-Cranberry tart - which looks far more elegant than it should, given how quick and easy it is to make.

Cookies are always a hit.

I made roasted potato & butternut squash wedges for our holiday party and they were very easy, good at room temp, and quickly devored.

Crostini/Bruschetta type numbers are tasty. (top with a spread of some sort.

Hummus wraps, rolled up and cut into little spirals?

have fun!

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Oh I just posted a great (and simple) olive-pecan spread that's so yummy on little toast rounds or crackers or veggies or pretty much anything "dip-able" - and no one realizes it's vegan.

As suggested above, "stuffed" anything is always a hit too!

And the grape leaves? Oh my gosh, time consuming, but SOOOOO good!

Fairly Odd Tofu Mom said...

Oh I just posted a great (and simple) olive-pecan spread that's so yummy on little toast rounds or crackers or veggies or pretty much anything "dip-able" - and no one realizes it's vegan.

As suggested above, "stuffed" anything is always a hit too!

And the grape leaves? Oh my gosh, time consuming, but SOOOOO good!

Candi said...

How sweet!! Sounds like fun. :)

Wonder what you'll choose to make! I loved all the ideas everyone had. I've sadly never been to a potluck and would be so nervous. Lol!

I know you'll have a great time. Can't wait to see what you make so I can steal your idea for my first potluck...when I have one. :P

Urban Vegan said...

Good luck on the vegan catering gig. I'm sure your stuff will impress everyone.

Ruthie said...

Good luck! Your dad sounds like a great guy.

At our wedding we had Indonesian Nuts and Noodles from The Accidental Vegan, which everyone likes. It's basically a noodle stir fry with soy sauce, molasses, and sesame oil, mixed with a can of unsalted mixed nuts and sauteed onions (I think onions, or garlic, or both).

Don't forget a big tray of veggies and a tofu dip! :)

I was just thinking.. a really delicious casserole or two might be a hit. I LOVE vegan lasagna and the enchiladas on Guinnah's page:
You can fill them with what-evah. You could make those way ahead of time and then make bread, dessert and whatever the day of and it'd be really impressive.

Oh well whatever, good luck!

VeganDoc said...

Good luck feeding the omnivores!

I do love Masao's Kitchen! When I took my cardiology boards back in November in Waltham, I had lunch there both days. If I lived closer, I'd be there all the time!

Emmy said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well while in Las Vegas :( Hope you're feeling better now :)

Did you cater the party yet? If so, I hope it was a success :) That's great you're going to keep the menu 90% vegan. Looking forward to hearing how the party turns out :)

Too Fond of Books said...

Fat Free Vegan Kitchen has a recipe for crustless tofu mini quiches that I am thinking about trying out in anticipation of making them for an open house we are having. They look fairly easy and yummy. I'll probably make them for dinner tonight, so I'll let you know how they are.

Jody from VegChic said...

Entertaining For A Veggie Planet has some great recipes that would probably fit the bill.

If you are in the need of help with your cooking for this group, drop me a line. I'd be willing to stop by and help out if you need and it would give us a chance to finally meet.

Urban Vegan said...

Just writing in to say Happy Holidays! :^)

Emmy said...

Hope you had a good holiday!!! Best wishes for a happy new year :)

Harmonia said...

Hi! Thanks for being my first comment back! :) I replied.

Quinoa-Hummus Casserole from Dreena Burton's VLV.

Anything Hummus.

I think it was in VWaV...the Broccoli Chickpea Casserole, too!

Let me know your thoughts

bazu said...

Happy New Year, Nikki!

Hope everything is well with you, and you have a fabulous year to come.

Candi said...

Happy New Year again! Lol! I attack you on all your online accounts! :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Nikki! iloveheeze!! I need to give you mad props for the chocolate banana bread you made.. also the pics of the Charles River, very nice, remember it's in Millis too... we need to start a society of people who respect the little old town of Millis.. it's always the butt of a joke.. We are the proud care takers of the Charles River! I digress, good luck with the pressure cooker, i used to use one to make mexican shampoo (it's true, long story). The bottom line of that one is it's great for making teas and extracts as well as cooking things quickly (so if you want a quick broth or something it's really good for that). Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...