Wednesday, October 04, 2006

What kind of Vegetarian am I?

You scored as vegan vixen. You're a vegan vixen! You use your good looks and body to encourage people to go veg. You're probably a little perky and a little adventurous. You may have tofu-wrestled, worn a lettuce bra, or are about to do one of the two! If you're a guy, consider yourself a virile vegan (vixen generally refers to women...). Though you may have feminist beliefs, it's fine to use sexual attraction to get people to stop eating animals. More on

vegan vixen


health-conscious vegetarian


militant vegan


welfarist vegetarian


quiet vegetarian


lazy vegetarian


new veggie


What type of vegetarian are you?
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Grrr baby, very grrr...

Bad lighting does a vixen good, I've found...


Melissa said...

LOL apparently I'm a militant vegan, but I strongly disagree about that. I wouldn't consider myself an activist or anything, I prefer to lead by example...but it was a fun quiz! I wanna be a vegan vixen...I guess I'm a vegan warrior!

wheresmymind said...

lol...what a rockin' vixen you are!! I have no doubt I'd fail that test

Urban Vegan said...

You go, Vegan Vixen.

Gotta get me a lettuce bra. Sounds comfy--as long as it's not made of iceberg.

Vicki said...

I wouldn't mind a coconut shell bra -- a bit more support. Hey, is that a Harmony guitar?

Candi said...

A vegan vixen who plays guitar! I like!

laura jesser said...

Lovin' the picture, you vegan vixen! I'm going to try that test... Sounds fun.

KleoPatra said...

Yer adorable, you guitar mama you! Lookin' good and ready to ROCK! I haven't yet taken the quiz, but i feel vixen-ish as well :o)

Anonymous said...

i do it and im a :
You are a militant vegan! Happy? Surprised? A vegan is someone who avoids consuming/using all animal products, including flesh, dairy, eggs, honey, leather, and so forth. Some avoid products tested on animals. Being a militant vegan means you have more radical views than most vegetarians, namely animal rights. You may be an activist already or on the verge. You are confident and unwavering about your ethics. Not a vegan? Perhaps you're one waiting to happen! but i think that im not loL, maybe i do the quesationary wrong lol!
thanks for the link! you look very cute in the photo!

KleoPatra said...

i came out a "vixen" - that is SO funny!!!

Jackie said...

Mine says health-conscious vegetarian which I don't agree with.

I became a veggie and then a vegan due to cruelty to animals. I am not militant though.

The health side is just a perk of my being vegan.