Monday, August 28, 2006

I lust for tortillas, or 'Tostada What?'

I'm on the Eat 2 Live plan. No, I'm not crazy. It's really good for me. yay! Anyway, a girl has needs, which is why I'm in love with this tortilla. Sure, it's more like a flatbread than a tortilla, but MAN is it good!

(I realize that 'good' is relative, so I'll put it to you this way--it's good in an early multi-grain healthy sort of way. It tastes nothing like an actual soft, succulent tortilla.)

So what did I make with these? Only the biggest tostadas ever!

The recipe is simple. I sauteed 4 cloves of minced garlic in a little cooking spray in a big pan. I then added a carton of sliced mushrooms (10oz I think) and a little water just to steam the shrooms and keep things from burning. I then put in a large sliced bell pepper, a can of diced tomatoes (I drained and reserved the juice), a tbsp of chili powder, a can of black beans, some cayenne, some cilantro, about 1/3 of a bag of frozen corn (Super Sweet Organic Corn from Trader Joes--it is the best EVER!) and a couple of dashes of liquid smoke!

I simmer until everything is tender, adding tomato juice leftover if needed. I serve it up on the aforementioned tortilla flatbread 'stuff' over some romaine. I think this would serve 3-4 people with normal appetites, or 2 people with our kind of appetites.

This came out so good we had it two nights in a row. From scrach! There were no left overs either time!


laura jesser said...

Your tostadas sound like they're right up my alley. Wow! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

primaryconsumer said...

Yum, the tostadas look really good! I love the Ezekial tortillas too. By the way, my cookies came and they are sooooo delicious! I'm going to blog about them later.

Harmonia said...

I love their sprouted bagels, too!

Harmonia said...

I love their sprouted bagels, too!

KleoPatra said...

EZEKIEL rules! And i'm not on any kind of "diet," whatever. Such good stuff. The staff of life!